Bible Study

Come join us every Sunday for fellowship and spiritual growth!

Adult Bible Study classes meet during both worship hours, 9:30 and 11:00 AM,
every Sunday morning.  Their primary purpose is to equip you to live as a Christian
in your vocation, family, workplace, and ministry.  Some of the classes focus on
building knowledge of the Bible. Others will prepare you for leadership
challenges, community service opportunities, and global missions.

Equip yourself for more effective service, develop your relationships with
fellow disciples, and deepen your walk with Jesus.

9:30 AM

Spiritual Leadership  - Room 109

Teachers: Lionel Jellins, Anand Selveindran, and Evetta Armstrong

Do you desire to grow in your ability to lead others in a way that flows out of your faith in Christ? This class will look at the fundamental concepts of spiritual leadership by looking at the attributes of Biblical leaders like Moses, Nehemiah, and David.  A great class for growth for both existing and aspiring leaders.  

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11:00 AM

Nehemiah - Room 109

Teachers: Darrin Hanson, Matt Stangl

An in depth look at the life and ministry of Nehemiah, who was used by God to help bring restoration to Israel at a critical point in their history.  Nehemiah serves as a role model for those who are looking to be agents of restoration in the places of brokenness in their communities.

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