Sunday Bible Study

Sunday Adult Bible Study

Our adult Bible study classes are a great place to go deeper in your knowledge of the Bible and your own spiritual formation. Each of our classes is part of a “track.” Tracks are classes that have a related structure and in some cases a progressive curriculum. The tracks are:

Foundations: A track for those looking for a strong foundation of Biblical basics. If you are new to the Bible or just want to brush up on the basics, this is the track for you.

Book-by-Book: Each semester will mine the riches of the Bible by working through books of the Bible from start to finish.

Bible Theology: Learn the major themes of the Bible and how thevarious books of the Bible fit together in a larger picture.

Discipleship: Each semester will address a different aspect of discipleship and how we go about being a disciple and making disciples in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and the world.

Electives: During certain semesters there will be elective classes that will address particular issues related to theology and Christian living.

Winter 2017 Classes
January 8th - April 9th


9:00 AM

The Gospel of John - Men's Class 
• Verse by verse through the book of John
• Taught by Barrett James and Steve Van Ooteghem
• Meets in Modular B

The Book of Ruth - Womens Class
• Verse by verse through the book of Ruth
• Taught by Leigh McLeroy 
• Meets in Modular D

10:30 AM

The Life of David
• God calls David a man after His own heart.  Yet David is 100% human, his life marked by deep struggles and failures as well as great victories.  What makes an ordinary person so extrodinary in the life of God?  Find out in this study of the Life of David.
Taught by Keith Bower and Darrin Hanson
• Meets in Modular D