New Service Times

Holy Week 2017

Why Change Our Worship Gathering Times?

Sad but True Story: Recently a City of Refuge member invited a coworker who was going through a difficult time. When the man mustered his courage and arrived for our 10:30 worship gathering, he couldn’t find a parking space! Disappointed, he drove away.


 At City of Refuge, we want to welcome everyone who comes. We want to wisely manage the resources that the Lord entrusts to us. We hope the following initiatives will enhance our ability to love and welcome our neighbors in a practical tangible way.

 Increase Seating

  • We are reconfiguring, adding 60 more chairs, to increase the seating capacity of our Worship Center to 300 people.

 Increase Parking

  • We have signed a lease to continue to use our current parking lot across Yellowstone.
  • We will remove our temporary buildings to open up 30 more parking spaces. For safety and convenience, the spaces adjacent to the building remain reserved for families with small children and disabled attenders.
  • We are asking the City of Houston to allow us to park on the easement at the west end of our campus, hopefully adding 20 more parking spaces.
  • We will lease the property across Yellowstone next to the Helton Boat Works, adding 50 to 70 more parking spaces. Since these spaces are farthest from our building, we will ask staff, leaders, members, and regular attenders to park there.
  • These measures allow us to provide close parking in our main lot for our visiting guests - friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

 Change Worship Times beginning June 4 from 9:00 and 10:30 to 9:30 and 11:00

Twice as many people currently attend the second worship service as the first.

  • We hope, with an extra 30 minutes to get to church, more will come to the first service – opening more seating and parking during the second service.

 How You Can Help

  • Attend the first worship service.
  • Park farther away, leaving closer spaces open.
  • Greet everyone with a smile!